DEVOUT CATHOLIC?: White House Reaffirms Biden’s Support for Same-Sex Unions After Vatican Says They Cannot Be Blessed

The White House recently reiterated Joe Biden’s support for “same-sex unions,” even though the Catholic Church just said it doesn’t have the ability to bless them because they contradict dogmatic teaching on sexual activity and marriage.

A reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday if the president had a response to the Vatican’s statement.

“I don’t think he has a personal response to the Vatican, no,” Psaki said. “He continues to believe and support same-sex unions, as you know. He’s long had that position.”

The Catholic Church teaches—in accordance with Scripture and tradition—that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman and is ordered to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of children. The Church also teaches that any sexual activity outside of marriage is gravely sinful. These are dogmatic teachings, meaning that they can never be changed.

Simply put, the Church cannot bless sin, and therefore it cannot bless same-sex unions.

Psaki and the mainstream media love referring to Biden as a “devout Catholic.” As evidence they cite his regular Mass attendance and claim that his faith shapes his politics. Yet it cannot be denied that his positions on abortion, gay marriage, and gender identity represent a radical break from magisterial Church teaching. He will never actually be a devout Catholic until he disavows and repents of these positions.

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