DIRTY: Dick Cheney Trashes President Trump’s Foreign Policy

Neoconservative extraordinaire and former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Cheney went as far as to compare it with the foreign policy that former President Barack Obama employed.

Cheney spoke with Vice President Mike Pence at a retreat sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute in Sea Island, Georgia that was completely closed off to the public. The former Vice President highlighted that American allies were doubting the U.S.’s commitment to their defense based on Trump’s public statements. Cheney specifically pointed to Trump’s statements about NATO and his recent announcement to withdraw troops from Syria.

Additionally, Cheney expressed concern about Trump not spending enough time with his intelligence briefers and was alarmed by the frequent turnover in national security postings. Likewise, Cheney insinuated that Trump’s transactional view of foreign policy, specifically his emphasis on how much allies pitch in for their defense—was misguided.

After leaving the Executive Branch, Cheney has shied away from the public spotlight. Cheney’s recent comments were done in private, but they still reflect concerns from traditional neoconservative opponents of Trump’s foreign policy actions. Trump’s “America First” platform has made many neocons jittery, and as a result, some like John Bolton have slithered their way into the Trump administration to derail Trump wherever possible

America First advocates should recognize that the military-industrial complex still holds considerable influence in Washington, DC and has worked to undermine Trump. This was on display when Senate neocons voted to derail Trump’s Syria and Afghanistan withdrawal plans.
The goods news is that America dodged a bullet by rejecting both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio during the 2016 elections. Both of these individuals would have most certainly revived Cheney’s failed foreign policy.
Cheney’s presence in the White House will not be missed in the slightest bit.

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