Discover Plans on Tracking Gun Purchasers 

Starting in April, credit card company Discover plans on tracking purchases at gun vendors. In rolling this program out, Discover will become the first company to do so. 

Back in September, the International Organization for Standardization, which establishes payment cards’ merchant categories, created a dedicated code for firearms retailers in an effort to assist law enforcement solve crimes involving guns. 

Supporters of this plan, which is mainly composed of leftist politicians and gun control boosters, expect it to help with the investigation of gun related crimes in the US. 

According to Discover, the new code will be featured in its next policy update slated for April. 

“We remain focused on continuing to protect and support lawful purchases on our network while protecting the privacy of cardholders,” Discover said to Reuters.

Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net noted that Discover’s rivals Visa, American Express, and Mastercard have yet to abide with ISO’s new code. ISO announced that the new code will be available by the end of February.

“The decision to use the new merchant category code is eventually left up to the users in the industry,” an ISO spokesperson stated.

Macon noted that in terms of market share for US payment cards, Visa has 61% followed by Mastercard at 26%, American Express at 11%, and Discover 2%. 

While Discover is a small player in the credit card game, Gun Control Inc. enjoys picking up small victories so that it can build even greater momentum for carrying out comprehensive anti-gun projects. Gun controllers know that conventional legislative means are off the table so they’ll have to pressure the private sector to carry out their agenda.

The Right must respond with mass boycotts against companies that comply with Gun Control Inc.’s agenda while also using prudential state action to crack down against these entities. Just because a company is private does not give it a pass to undermine traditional freedoms.

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