Disgraced Ex-GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman Issues Propaganda Report Claiming Pro-Constitution Groups are Terrorists

Former Congressman Denver Riggleman of Virginia was booted last year from public office in disgrace for disrespecting his constituents and being a disreputable individual.

Now, he is leading the Big Brother charge to demonize constitutional rights’ supporters in the wake of the U.S. Capitol protests.

Riggleman’s organization, the Network Contagion Research Institute, released a propaganda paper blaming pro-Constitution groups such as the Oathkeepers for the display at the Capitol.

In Riggleman’s report, he lists a series of so-called “hate” groups that he believes were primarily responsible for the violence at the protests. He admitted that the list is not conclusive:

Proud Boys (White Supremacists)
Oathkeepers (Anti-government)
NSC131 (Neo-Nazi)
New Jersey European Heritage Association (White Supremacists)
Nick Fuentes and “Groyper Army” (Neo-Nazi)
American Nationalist Party (White Supremacists)
American Guard (White Supremacists)

The Proud Boys organization is led by Enrique Tarrio, a black man of Cuban heritage, so the characterization of them as a group of “white supremacists” is ridiculously and laughably false. Additionally, the Oathkeepers are a pro-Constitution organization that urges government officials to not comply with illegal and unlawful orders against the people. They are on Riggleman’s Big Brother hit list too.

These are the types of groups that Riggleman wants the government to target, profile and punish in a flagrant violation of the 1st Amendment. He points to random posts on social media as “evidence” to promote an Orwellian crackdown against dissidents.

“At the vanguard of the insurrectionist act were an amalgamation of QAnon conspiracy theorists, Proud Boys, white supremacists, and other far-right activists,” the report states.

Big League Politics has reported on how Riggleman was a fraud as the voters of Virginia’s 5th Congressional district booted him from office in disgrace:

Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) will be leaving office after losing a contentious primary to Bob Good, a former Campbell County supervisor and employee with Liberty University, on Saturday.

Riggleman won the endorsement of President Donald Trump, but the delegates in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District were not swayed by the libertine who officiated a gay marriage shortly after being elected to national office.

The delegates were apparently smart to get rid of Riggleman, who “Never Trump” leader Bill Kristol has said is a private critic of the President, but lacks the courage and fortitude to express his truthful opinion publicly.

Kristol made the announcement in a Twitter post…

Riggleman’s has expressed his disdain publicly for President Trump in the past. Before running for Congress and reinventing himself as a pro-Trump Republican, he talked about how he would never vote for Trump and how he was not a better choice for the presidency than Hillary Clinton…

Even though he was the incumbent, his opponent won with 58 percent of the votes at Saturday’s convention. This shows that the hardcore activists were not fooled by Riggleman’s disingenuous posturing. They went with the genuine article and gave their support to a long-time conservative activist in Good.

The Virginia voters made a great decision to make Riggleman a one-term congressman and force him out of office in humiliation. He is now emerging as a existential threat to the Republic working to empower a Big Brother crackdown against right-wing dissidents.

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