DISGUSTING: These Verified Reporters Mock Idea of Steve Scalise’s Death

Two Twitter-verified reporters mocked the concept of Republican Steve Scalise’s death with disgusting imagery.

Scalise, who was shot at baseball practice by a left-wing radical Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, tweeted eyeballs to Don Lemon’s statement, “I don’t see Democrats killing people.”

So left-wingers started mocking Scalise, still in his recovery from the horrific shooting, including an editor from the left-wing propaganda sports website Deadspin:

“Please show a little respect to Rep. Steve Scalise, who died after bus toilet. They say he was nude except for one navy blue dress” – David Roth, Editor For Deadspin

“He tripped over his robes because his hood was on backwards” – Eoin Hauntins, Twitter-verified reporter


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