Disneyland Theme Park Plans Massive Gay ‘Magical Pride’ Event

Disney Gay Pride Event

Disneyland Theme Parks announced an official gay pride event to be held this summer at its theme park in Paris.

The formerly family oriented theme park announced an official sponsorship of the annual gay “Magical Pride” event held at its Paris theme park, partnering with LGBT organizations who previously held events at the theme park unofficially.

According to the event’s official website, “For the first time, Disneyland Paris are making Magical Pride an official Disney event,” complete with a “Magical Pride Party taking place at Walt Disney Studios Park.”

The website explains that the event offers an opportunity to celebrate “diversity at the place where dreams come true,” and notes that the theme park will be privatized for the duration of the LGBT pride event.

This year’s event is also inviting LGBT couples to bring their children, and is partnering with the obscure LGBT blog “Daddy & Dad,” featuring two fathers raising their two sons, to help attract more families to the Disney sanctioned event.

Social media also reveals that in previous years, when the event was not considered official by Disney, the park changed its lighting, costumes, and decorations to rainbow colored lights and flags to welcome the event goers, with one post remarking “Picture this – Mickey and Minnie in rainbow get-up, glitter everywhere,” alongside an image from a previous year’s pride event.

Promotional material for the event promotes inclusiveness, stating all are welcome at the gay “Magical Pride” event, so long as they can financially make the expensive trip to France and afford admittance. Tickets for the 2019 event start at £259.00 and go as high as £1,829.00.

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