‘Do Not Bring Your Kids or Wife:’ Guests Irked as Toronto Hotels Turned Into Refugee Shelters

A Radisson Hotel in Toronto, Ontario that has contracted with the Canadian government to shelter Middle Eastern refugees has seen its ratings plummet, first noted by Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter.

“This place is an absolute zoo,” said one review¬†on TripAdvisor. “Was shocked and horrified at the nightmare situation when we arrived in the lobby. Huge crowds of people, children spitting, yelling, jumping on top of each other, and to make things worse, one of them stole my phone and I had to chase them to get them to return it.”

Most of the occupants of the hotel are migrant refugees, moved there earlier this year by the Canadian government. They had previously been staying in college dorms, but were forced to evacuate when students returned to school.

“Refugee center” is the title of another review.

“I did not realize this was a refugee center, terrible experience, skateboarding in the lobby and the staff didn’t seem to care,” the reviewer said. “My daughter kept getting harassed by full grown men (refugees). [Whatever] you do [do] not bring your kids or wife!!!!!!!!!!”

“Less than a 3rd world hotel,” another review was titled.

The reviewer scorched the hotel over unattended migrant children skateboarding in the hotel, and a lack of cleanliness.

“I don’t know what was happening the day I visited but everybody kept grabbing my arm and either tried selling me something or kids begging me for money,” another review said.

” I didnt pay to sat at a refugee center,” said another reviewer.

A reviewer who was familiar with the hotel before the refugees moved in compared its current condition with that of past stays.

“I have stayed at this hotel off and on, for over 16 years,” the review said. “It used to be a great hotel. All that has changed since it has become a refugee holding center. I’m sorry but it’s dirty, loud the AC barely works. There are kids running the hallways, messing with elevators.”

One review, titled “Worse than a nightmare!” made a salient point.

“We did a search on this hotel over dinner and turns out the Canadian government is using this Radisson to house hundreds of refugees there, since they ran out of room at their refugee shelters,” the review said. “If you want to use the hotel as a refugee center, great, but you you should not be advertising it for personal and business travelers too!”

With the influx of migrants steadily on the rise in Canada, this situation will likely get worse before it get better.

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