DOJ Bureaucrats Flip, Demand Prison Time for Michael Flynn in Harsh Reversal

Prosecutors at the Department of Justice announced a cruel change of heart in the trial of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, asking that the railroaded general be sentenced to six months in prison.

The DOJ bureaucrats asked for the punishment in a sentencing memo released Tuesday. They had previously recommended that Flynn avoid serving any prison time on account of his cooperative conduct with Robert Mueller’s special counsel witch hunt.

But Tuesday’s memo represents a draconian twist from the prosecutors, demanding that a highly decorated American veteran be sent to federal prison for the crime of lying to the FBI. It’s since been revealed that the troubled federal agency went to great lengths in an attempt to bust the then-National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump.

Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, had been speaking publicly about the corruption within the Department of Justice and FBI that heavily influenced Flynn’s criminal case. This seemed to incense image-obsessed deep state bureaucrats with the department, and was enough for them to change their minds on previous recommendations that Flynn be spared a prison term.

Powell has pointed out new discrepancies in Flynn’s case, and gone so far as to call for a D.C federal court to dismiss the case entirely. FBI agents falsified a form usually used by the agency to summarize interviews, hoping to paint Flynn as a liar with the hopes of taking down an early member of Donald Trump’s presidential administration.

Even after Mueller’s special counsel witch hunt resulted in an empty flop and hopes of impeaching Trump are turning to dust, the deep state appears resolute in its desire to persecute Flynn and assert its dominance over the nominally democratic American government.

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