DOMESTIC TERROR: Internal Chats Show Activist Group ‘Organize Against Transphobia’ Plotting Murder of Police

A radical leftist activist group ‘Organize Against Transphobia’ has been exposed for plotting the murder of police in private chats, according to research compiled by the William McKinley Institute.

One of the militant transgender terrorists is Tim Johnson. Johnson is an ANTIFA activist who has infiltrated the anti-government “Boogaloo Boys” group which started as libertarian but drifted left-ward due to their lack of vigilance.

Johnson regularly puts on fatigues and LARPs as a military enforcer during ANTIFA rallies.

“I provide transportation solutions with years of trucking, dispatching, insurance, and supply chain experience at my disposal. My military experience shows I can operate well under pressure and adapt to challenges in a creative way,” Johnson wrote regarding his activity at a protest in Louisville for Breonna Taylor, a drug-dealing, gun-slanging thug who was killed during a police encounter.

The morbidly obese agitator can be seen here protesting outside of a Laura Loomer event last year:

In the leaked Discord chats, Johnson expressed his desire to kill police and praised the actions of renegade LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who went on a murder rampage on his some of his former colleagues before committing suicide back in 2013.

“I love that he (Christopher Dorner) killed cops, more people should,” Johnson stated.

Additionally, Johnson is a major advocate of grooming children with pro-transgender sexual propaganda as well as leftist-anarchist materials to make them hate America, hate white people, and embrace revolutionary Marxism.

Johnson can be seen here reading a subversive propaganda book aimed at children:

“There will come a time when people who speak that level of hate will regularly not be allowed to escape,” Johnson said in a post outlining his psychotic blood lust on April 5. “Not today, but it will come.”

Another individual exposed in these leaks is Matt Cox. Cox is a “proud father of a nonbinary child” and calls himself the “dad” of the Organize Against Transphobia group.

“My wife’s a lawyer in the biggest progressive firm in [South Carolina], f*ckin come at me ghouls,” Cox said, referring to his wife Sarah JM Cox of Burnette Shutt & McDaniel.

Cox is a martial artist who provides training to leftist militants in order to help them be more formidable in street combat scenarios against right-wing patriots.

“I pledge I will do everything I can to make your cause mine and laugh, cry, and bleed with you…I’m here till the war is won,” Cox said, telling leftist extremists in the collective that their “body is a weapon.”

Domestic terror organizations such as Organize Against Transphobia are state sponsored, with the DOJ and FBI deliberately looking the other way and allowing them to metastasize across the country.

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