Don Huffines Calls Out Efforts to Let Foreign Nationals Vote in Texas Elections

Former State Senator and now-gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines recently criticized the concept of allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. 

For example, in New York City, foreign nationals who have resided there for at least 30 days have now been granted the ability to vote in local elections. 

According to a FOX News report, this new law is applicable to approximately 800,000 New York City residents. Similarly, in San Francisco, foreign nationals are allowed to participate in school board elections if they have children enrolled in the school system.

Andy Nghiem of The Lone Star Standard noted that the San Francisco measure was rolled out in 2016 and was originally slated to expire in 2021. However, in October, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to make this voting standard permanent.  

“Importing voters has long been at the top of the Democrat agenda, and now, Democrat politicians are calling for Texas cities to allow illegal immigrants and foreign nationals to vote in our elections,” Huffines declared. “Unfortunately, liberal courts have limited the AG’s ability to enforce election laws. So, deporting illegal aliens must be one of our top priorities if we want to secure our elections, and when I am governor, that is what I will do.”

According to a FOX report, Immigrants comprise 17% of Texas’s population, and roughly 1.6 million of those immigrants were illegally in the country as of 2016.

Several elected officials such as Austin city council member Greg Casar suggested that he foreign nationals residing in Austin should be granted the ability to vote. In 2022, Cesar is running for Congress. Texas Secretary of State John B. Scott has already announced that any municipality following in the footsteps of New York City and San Francisco in passing legislation that allows foreign nationals to vote in elections would constitute a violation of Texas state law. 

Huffines is joined by former Florida Congressman and Texas Republican Party Chair Allen West in challenging Abbott for the Governor’s Mansion in the March 1 Republican Party primary. 

Huffines has positioned himself as a more populist, paleo libertarian alternative to Greg Abbott who has largely been seen as ineffective by grassroots conservatives. One of the areas he has mostly focused on is having the state of Texas become more aggressive in terms of immigration enforcement. 

Huffines is one of the most prominent candidates in the 2022 election cycle who is serving as a vehicle that channels the discontent of many frustrated conservatives.

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