Don Lemon Thinks Defending “Your Town,” “Your Street,” And “Your Country” Is Entitlement

Don Lemon.

Don Lemon has a long history of twisting words to fit his worldview, sometimes going as far as to claim that his fabrications constitute his truth “as a Black man”. Indeed, many find this a bit concerning seeing as his job post is supposedly that of a journalist on CNN, a post that most innocent-minded people would assume to entail a yearning to seek out the truth and disseminate it as far and wide as possible, leaving readers and viewers to draw their own informed conclusions. Unfortunately, it would seem that Lemon is not only compromised in terms of his objectivity, but he is becoming even more so with each passing day.

In a recent segment on CNN, a news network famous for reporting news as it is and not spinning it in a way that conforms to a specific desired worldview, Lemon and two other diversely opinioned commentators, as is CNN mode of operation, discussed the supposed burgeoning theme of “White wannabe vigilantism” that is supposedly engulfing the atmosphere surrounding both the Kenosha and Georgia trials.

The lady of the group, assuming she wishes to identify as such, was keen to deftly brush aside the legality of the trial proceedings that many believe will deliver a not guilty verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse should the judicial system still contain any shred of integrity and focus on what she believes is the more pressing underlying issue of Whites and young White males specifically taking the law into their own hands when they should simply rely on law enforcement to sort matters out, apparently forgetting that law enforcement was effectively absent from the scene in Kenosha.

The lady continues to imply that the self-defense efforts taken by Kyle Rittenhouse and others during that time were without merit or justification, going on as if this was axiomatic instead of doing the difficult work of summarizing the main reasons behind her stance, which seems to be a commonly used technique amongst the puppet personalities of the media.

Don Lemon chimed in to butress the points made by brushing over the sordid histories of the individuals who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse and focused on the fact that he was not a resident of the immediate area. Lemon continued to assume a plethora of premises regarding the motivations of Rittenhouse and others like him by accusing them of making a mental ownership claim, saying that they think “it is your street, it is your town, it is ‘your country'” and used this fabricated assumption to lambast those who commit the 2021 crime of self-defense.

Lemon, it what might be an accidental admission of guilt, acknowledged that law enforcement might not have been properly executing their duties at the time, but nonetheless accused those of taking defensive action as a result fo this deriliction of “taking justice into our own hands” instead of cowering at home in hopes that one’s house will not be the one sacked and pillaged by the mob.

Lemon then seemingly attempts to draw at the audience’s heart strings by painting the scenario but this time with a Black teenager defending himself with a firearm against active assailants and whether the public would see things differently, which many have already pointed out would be possibly the case, just not in the way Lemon seems to think it would unfold.

Lemon called Rittenhouse’s crime of self-defense as “the ultimate degree of entitlement” and accused young White males in America of thinking the country belongs to them whilst conveniently neglecting to present any evidence to his accusations which he considers to be “the absolute truth” before finishing his fantasy-based diatribe against White men by accusing the political right of hypocrisy as what transpired with Kyle Rittenhouse does not constitute “law and order” whilst once again conveniently forgetting that law enforcement was all but absent from their duties.

On an unrelated note, CNN’s ratings have taken a massive nosedive in recent years, potentially yet another topic for Don Lemon to blame White men for.

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