Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden For Conspiring Against the United States

During a speech on March 2, 2024, former President Donald Trump declared that sitting President Joe Biden is conspiring against the United States with his policies at the southern border.

“Biden’s conduct on our border is by any definition a conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America,” Trump said to the crowd. “He talks about democracy. He is a danger to democracy.”

Trump’s comments served as a counter against allegations that he is a threat to democracy, which the Biden regime has frequently used to discredit him. This also comes during a time when he faces 91 charges in four criminal cases. Two of those four cases are connected to his efforts to rectify the 2020 presidential election results. Special counsel Jack Smith hit Trump with charges to allegedly commit a “conspiracy to defraud” the US, as part of his probe into the January 6, 2021, storming of the US Capitol. Trump has denied committing any critical acts in these instances.

Trump has started shifting the focus of his campaign on immigration matters. He has blamed the Biden regime for facilitating an “invasion” at the southern border with Mexico through its open border policies. He also blamed Democrats for encouraging migrants to enter the country illegally and
“trying to sign them up to get them to vote in the next election.”

Overall, Trump is taking off the kid gloves now, which is a good thing.

There’s no reason to engage in a polite debate with the likes of bad actors like Biden. It’s time to expose their treasonous behavior and relieve them of the burden of holding higher office by getting to the polls.

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