Donald Trump Calls On Nikki Haley’s Billionaire Supporters to Stop Bankrolling Her Campaign

Donald Trump recently cautioned big donors that they will be ostracized from his “MAGA camp.” These comments came in the aftermath of the New Hampshire primary where Trump won resoundingly.

As it grows clearer that the former president will win the Republican nomination , Trump has tried to capsize the Haley campaign, describing  her as an “imposter” who does not have much support among Republican voters.

“Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” Trump declared in a post he published on his social media site Truth Social. “Birdbrain” is just the latest  nickname Trump is using for Haley. “We don’t want them, and will not accept them, because we Put America First, and ALWAYS WILL!”, Trump added.

Haley responded to Trump’s remarks by posting on X, “Well in that case . . . donate here. Let’s Go!”, in addition to a link to her campaign’s donation page. She noted that her campaign had raked in $1 million in the 24 hours since the New Hampshire primary.

These results and Trump’s threats have made several high-profile donors get cold feet about continuing to support Haley. 

Ken Langone, the co-founder of Home Depot, recently told the Financial Times that he was waiting to see how Haley performed in New Hampshire prior to making a “major gift” to her presidential campaign. He stressed that he did not want to “throw money down a rat hole.” 

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn who made a six-figure donation to Haley’s campaign, has stopped bankrolling Haley’s campaign, per an individual familiar with the matter.

“To raise more money for Governor Haley, I’d have to see a path for her to win the primary,” declared Dmitri Mehlhorn, an anti-Trump strategist and adviser to Hoffman. “That was plausible if she won New Hampshire, but I don’t see it now.” 

Haley is Trump’s last major challenger for the GOP nomination.

Philanthropist Simone Levinson stated that Trump’s victory speech had reaffirmed her decision to support Haley.

The speech “was a sobering reminder of . . . why he has not won a race, or brought our country together, since his election in 2016”, Levinson declared.

Another adviser to one Haley donor cautioned that she could have “a hard time getting donors to double down” and get others. 

“I think if [Trump’s margin of victory in New Hampshire] was under five points, she’d be bringing in new donors and there’d be a lot of enthusiasm,” the adviser stated. “Now it’s status quo or less enthusiasm.”

“No one went into this thinking the odds were that likely,” continued the adviser. “But the low odds got lower.”

Although Haley was governor of South Carolina, her fellow South Carolina politicians have not bothered to endorse her and have casted their lot with Trump instead.

Haley needs to bow out. Her neoconservative agenda is out of style among GOP voters as they have become more concerned with getting immigration sorted out and restraining the US’s foreign policy ambitions.

Haley is an invade the world, invite the world neocon hack, which should immediately disqualify her for running for higher office. Let’s hope Republican voters pick up on this and reject her candidacy.

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