Donald Trump has Higher Approval Rating than Barack Obama at this Point of his Presidency

Marc Lotter has great new for America First supporters.

The Director of Strategic Communications for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign tweeted on January 17, 2020 that Trump has a higher approval rating than President Obama did at this point of his presidential term.

Lotter tweeted, “President @realDonaldTrump’s approval is 6% HIGHER than Obama’s at this point in his term! #KeepAmericaGreat.”


Lotter is basing these numbers off of a report from the polling firm Rasmussen.

All in all, this looks good for President Trump’s re-election bid.

Nonetheless, Trump should continue sounding off on the immigration issue, which is the top priority for GOP voters heading into 2020. Not doing so, will likely leave his based unmotivated.

Immigration patriots will need a Trump victory in 2020 to see their immigration policies through.

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