Donald Trump Jr. Roasts Anti-Gun Leftists During the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Donald Trump Jr. made a post on X to highlight how “even the dumbest leftists” may finally understand the value of the Second Amendment as they watch in horror as Palestinian terrorist Hamas organization kidnap unarmed Israeli women and their children.

On October 8, 2023, Donald Trump Jr. wrote the following X:

If anyone is still stupid enough to not understand why we have the 2nd amendment, have them watch any one of the hundreds of videos coming from Israel. Even the dumbest leftists watching women and children being dragged from their homes and cars to be raped and murdered in cold blood in the streets may finally get it.

Curiously, Israel has strong gun control laws despite having a largely militarized society. There is no right to bear arms enshrined in its political charter.

Earlier that day, Breitbart News noted that while Israel has a strong army, individual Israelis are not well armed because the nation does not have any guarantee of a right to keep and bear arms.

According to a BBC report, “Israeli gun ownership is low at about 2% of the population.” In stark contrast, per the discoveries of a recently published study by Rutgers University’s New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center, there are roughly 60% of Americans owning firearms.

Israelis face hard constraints with respect to the type of firearms and quantity of ammunition they can possess. The BBC highlighted, “Usually citizens are allowed to hold a pistol and a limit of 50 bullets.” 

Donald Trump Jr. published another post on X connected to the Second Amendment and the ongoing conflict in Israel.  He wrote, “Don’t ever give up your guns!!!”

He continued, “If you don’t yet own an AR-15 you really need to think that through right about now.”

In any type of lethal conflict, irrespective of the parties ideologies, racial backgrounds, or creeds, having access to firearms is always a good idea. An armed law-abiding individual is the most effective first responder against bad guys, no questions asked.

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