Donald Trump Slams Pete Buttigieg’s Handling of East Palestine Train Derailment

On February 22, 2023, former President Donald Trump criticized Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg during his visit to East Palestine, where a nasty train derailment took place in early February. During this derailment, toxic chemicals went into the air and water. 

According to a Daily Caller report, Trump visited East Palestine on February 22 to talk with local residents and deliver pallets of water and cleaning supplies to the citizens of this town following this shocking train derailment. Trump rejected the notion that rail deregulations took place during his time in office contributed to the train derailment and likened the US to a “third world country” and declared that it is “breaking down” under Buttigieg’s watch.

“He should have been here a long time ago,” Trump declared. “Now he was supposed to come today but he heard I was coming today and postponed it, but whenever he comes he’s got to do his job and if we didn’t come, they never would have come.”

Buttigieg visited East Palestine on February 23, 20 days following the initial derailment, per a Politico report. Buttigieg was sharply criticized for his slow reaction to the train derailment after he posted a Twitter thread 10 days following its occurrence.

Trump denied allegations that his administration’s deregulation of railroad safety policies could have contributed to the train derailment.

“It had nothing to do with it,” Trump said when he faced questions about his administration’s rail deregulation policies. “No, he’s got to work on the airports and we’ve never had airports like this. We’re like a third world nation and this is an example of it … our whole country is breaking down.”

According to a USA Today report, Trump carried East Palestine by a decisive 40-point margin. This has led to speculation that the Biden regime’s lazy response to this derailment was part of a petty political move to punish Trump supporters. 

East Palestine residents were angry that Joe Biden visited Ukraine at a time when residents of this town were demanding a firm response from the federal government. 

This incident is a microcosm of the post-national mentality that has infected America’s ruling class, which cares more about subsidizing foreign countries by the billions, while letting the American hinterland decay. 

More incidents like this will become a normal occurrence in the US as the political class continues to ignore the desires of Middle America.

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