Don’t Be Fooled, Elise Stefanik is No America First Patriot

Is Elise Stefanik America First or is she just posing?

At VDARE, poster Washington Watcher II wrote an interesting take on the new star within the GOP.

Washington Watcher II notes that “Her aggressive questioning of witnesses during last month’s impeachment hearings made her a national figure and a prominent White House ally.” However, he points out that immigration patriots should be skeptical of Stefanik based on her track record. Ultimately, he believes that “apparent loyalty to the president matters far more than America First.”

What this mean is that representatives like Stefanik will try to co-opt Trumpism to advance “their own corrupt ends.”

The poster argued that “Stefanik’s star power relies on the 35-year-old’s youth and sex. Few young women are in the GOP caucus and the party is desperate (foolishly, ask Ann Coulter) to have its own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

However, her voting record tells a different story. Stefanik has a putrid D career rating from NumbersUSA (one of the premier immigration patriot groups) since he she was elected in 2014. In this term, she has a mediocre C rating.

Washington Watcher II highlighted Stefanik’s suspect votes on immigration issues:


Interestingly, Stefanik’s Northeastern New York State district is dominated by agricultural interests. According to her website, agriculture is the district’s “backbone”. Additionally, she wants to increase the scope of the H-2A visa program in order to increase benefits for the dairy industry.

On other issues, Stefanik is anti-America First. According to Washington Watcher II, Stefanik ” strongly supported Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion and indicated Trump was too pro-Russia.”

Indeed, the Republican Party at large is still suspect when it comes to its embrace of America First immigration policies.

Mass migration is a high stakes issue given its demographic impact and the potential disruption it could cause in America.

For that reason, Trump needs allies in Congress who actually offer substantive policies that advance America First interests.

Stefanik is clearly not one of them based on her voting record.

If immigration patriots want to see their policies through, they will have to thoroughly analyze elected official’s voting records and hold their feet to the fire when they deviate from the America First line.

Action, not fancy rhetoric, is what ultimately matters.

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