Dr. Anthony Fauci Considers Resigning From Federal Government Before He Can Be Fired

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci is considering resignation from his long-held post with the federal government.

Fauci is publicly claiming that he might leave because the pandemic, now that the midterm elections are on the horizon, has been declared over.

“I have said that I would stay in what I’m doing until we get out of the pandemic phase, and I think we might be there already,” Fauci said during an appearance on ABC’s “Start Here” podcast.

“I can’t stay at this job forever. Unless my staff is going to find me slumped over my desk one day; I’d rather not do that,” he added,

Fauci is hinting at retirement as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) works to have him fired after righteously dragging Fauci’s name through the mud in many public hearings.

“We’ve learned a lot over the past two years, but one lesson in particular is that no one person should be deemed “dictator-in-chief.” No one person should have unilateral authority to make decisions for millions of Americans,” said Dr. Paul in a press release.

“To ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again, I’ve introduced this amendment to eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and divide his power into three separate new institutes. This will create accountability and oversight into a taxpayer funded position that has largely abused its power, and has been responsible for many failures and misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on Paul’s repeated smackdowns of Fauci in Senate hearings, which have rallied public opinion against the megalomaniacal public health tyrant:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is calling for criminal charges and maybe even “five years in prison” for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci after he has been revealed as lying to Congress about his role in covering up the origins of COVID-19.

“I find that hard to believe that we still would have someone with such poor judgment, who believes that even a pandemic would be worth it, that this person is in charge of the research for our government, I find that astounding,” Paul said during an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity on Wednesday night.

He told Hannity about the consequences of lying to Congress should Dr. Fauci, who apparently believes he is above the law, be charged with federal crimes.

“It’s a felony punishable by five years in jail,” Paul said.

“We’ve referred it to the Department of Justice. I don’t think Biden’s Department of Justice will do anything with it but yes, it is very dangerous to have public officials who we need to have trust in coming and lying to us, but he has lied dozens of times,” Paul continued. 

“Usually, he tells us that it’s for our own good but yes, he has dissembled, he has obfuscated—there’s other nicer words—but he has definitely lied to the American public and he should be held responsible but not just that,” he added.

Regardless of whether or not Dr. Fauci is prosecuted, Paul believes that it is past time for the American Mengele to be removed from his federal post.

“The judgment that we should continue to fund this lab and—that the virus in all likelihood came from the lab. I think it’s such incredibly poor judgment that he should be immediately removed,” Paul said.

Fauci is the American Mengele. He cannot be allowed to slink out of the public eye after what he has done. He deserves to meet justice in the public square for his crimes against humanity.

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