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Drag Kid “Desmond Is Amazing” Does Video with Convicted Murderer



“Desmond Is Amazing”, the 11-year-old drag kid, was featured on a convicted murderer’s YouTube show in 2017.

One of the original leaders of “Club Kids”, Michael Alig, was convicted of murdering his roommate in 1997 where he was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. With the help of another roommate, Robert “Freeze” Riggs, and Alig murdered Andre “Angel” Melendez due to overdue drug payment. According to Ranker, “After Riggs knocked Melendez unconscious with multiple blows to the head, Alig allegedly wrapped his hand in a sweatshirt and repeatedly punched the incapacitated young man. According to Riggs, Alig then poured drain cleaner down Melendez’s throat and – with Riggs’s help – used duct tape to seal the 25-year-old’s mouth shut. After killing Melendez, Alig and Riggs placed his corpse in the bathtub, uncertain of what to do the young man’s dead body.” Even more grotesque, nine days after the murder, Alig and Riggs dismembered Melendez body and tossed it into the Hudson River. The pair bragged about the murder to friends and the “Club Kid” community before being arrested. Alig served 17 years and was released from prison in 2014.

Just three years after being released from prison, Desmond Is Amazing, 10, was featured in a YouTube video on Michael Alig’s channel, Peeew!, for being the youngest “Club Kid”. This group is known for their “over-the-top outfits, theatrical personas, and outrageous antics.”

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Luckily, Desmond’s mother was in the room while he sat next to the convicted murderer and sipped tea out of little pink cups for some lighthearted conversation on his fashion expertise. Ernie Glam, one of the hosts, states: “you’re 10 so it will take 11 years before you can go to a club”, yet Desmond made that happen much sooner as he recently performed at a New York club at just 11-years-old.

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Desmond’s mom, Wendy Napole, has received over $2500 on GoFundMe account that is no longer active. Not old enough to run his own Instagram account, Desmond is being exploited for fame and money by none other than his mother.


Jeff Sessions Breaks Down the Differences Between America First Nationalism and Neoconservative, Libertarian Ideologies

Sessions has a lengthy America First track record.



Former U.S Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke down his case for the America First vision during an interview with the American Conservative’s Arthur Bloom, contrasting a nationalist vision with the ideologies promoted by libertarian and neoconservative pundits and legislators. Sessions is currently campaigning to return to the Senate as Alabama’s Senator, a position he held for two decades.

Aren’t our fundamental goals to make our American people stable, and happy? Our borders, families, tradition and culture have got to be defended. This ideological view that we’re not a nation, we’re an idea- somehow our constitution is supposed to apply worldwide, which is ridiculous- we have borders which we have a right to defend, and create and establish good and healthy conditions for our country- not just for the billionaires. Wages have to go up for working people.

Sessions has gathered a following of America First patriots for his consistent and often lone pro-American track record as a Senator, having single-handedly stopped at least two major federal amnesty attempts and staking out what is in all likelihood the strongest conservative track record for any Senator or congressman.

Sessions’ potential return to the Senate could serve as a crucial reminder to the Republican Party of the America First vision that President Donald Trump ran on in 2016, a vital message in a political climate in which libertarian and neoconservative ideologues try to revise history and pidgeonhole the President into support of a tired platform that advocates for free markets, wars in the middle east, mass immigration, and the outsourcing of American industry for the profit of major billionaire oligarchs.

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