East San Jose Rioters AGGRESSIVELY Attack Motorists on Freeway, Shatter Windows

Rioters in San Jose, California aggressively attacked the vehicles of motorists on Highway 101 on Friday, smashing car windows and frame of vehicles that attempted to get beyond the protestor’s block of the highway.

Watch the footage here, which features the race rioters targeting not businesses, banks, or police buildings, but the vehicles of what appear to be everyday citizens:

The rioters described their affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement to one man who exited his car and confronted them. One protestor from the same group of rioters was later caught attacking a police officer, shortly after which the highway block was dispersed by the police.

Reports emerged that a Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy was involved in a shooting on Friday night, but it’s yet to be confirmed. The riots continued the next day, with a new crowd assembling in the streets of San Jose on Saturday.

Police are continuing to work to disperse a crowd of rioters from San Jose’s streets, and have been confirmed to be using rubber bullets and tear gas in order to get the raucous George Floyd protestors to cease committing crimes.

Rioters that claim to be protesting for social justice lose any and all credibility they had when they’re seen on camera viciously attacking someone’s minivan.


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