Elderly Veteran Beaten by Mentally Ill COVID-19 Patient Housed in Nursing Home Dies at 75

75-year-old military veteran Norman Bledsoe is dead weeks after being beaten senseless by a 20-year-old mentally ill black man on a video that went viral, according to FOX 2 Detroit.

The assault left Bledsoe with broken fingers, broken ribs and a broken jaw. Alleged attacker 20-year-old Jaden Hayden has been charged with assault and credit card theft and will be arraigned in court later this week. It is unknown if murder charges will be added now that his alleged victim is dead.

Big League Politics reported in May that Hayden was a COVID-19 patient quarantined in a nursing home with Bledsoe and countless elderly people who are most likely to get sick and die from the virus.

Making matters even worse, Bledsoe was severely mentally ill and already had pending charges in another county when he was housed in the nursing home. His own father said he never should have been placed in the nursing home.

“He has issues and for them to put him in a facility like that, nothing good was going to happen,” the suspect’s father said to 7 Action News.

“He never should have been housed.. quarantined with the victim that he eventually assaulted. That should have never happened,” the father added. “Someone dropped the ball.”

The shocking video of the beating can be seen here:


Bledsoe was housed in a nursing home because of a directive issued by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer continues to defend the move, even as those in her own party criticize her for the incomprehensible decision.

“We’ve made decisions based on the best science available in the moment. I don’t know that you can ask anyone to do better than that,” she said.

“That appeared to be the best practice with the science and information that we had and that’s how we pursued it. The alternative…There are no good alternatives,” Whitmer added, adding that it would have been “an incredible, herculean undertaking” to keep elderly folks safe so she chose not to do it and let them perish instead.

State representative Leslie Love (D-Detroit) has called out Whitmer for putting the most vulnerable at risk needlessly with her decision.

“To return seniors into an environment, seniors with the virus still recovering from the virus, into an environment with, well, seniors, just didn’t seem — it’s not a good idea,” Love said.

The COVID-19 plandemic may be considered a genocide by the time this is all said and done.