ELECTION INTERFERENCE: America First Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke Locked Out of Twitter

Twitter is now directly engaging in election interference, censoring Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Lauren Witzke for outlining her immigration policy views on her account over the weekend.

Witzke’s account was frozen by Twitter after pointing out the disastrous impact of mass immigration on societies in Europe, arguing for a ten year immigration moratorium in the United States.

Witzke had previously argued that the United States would be better off without immigration from third-world countries.

She isn’t permanently suspended, but Twitter is warning that the candidate could be banned from the platform if she continues to engage in “hateful conduct.”

Witzke’s opponent in the election, liberal Democrat Chris Coons, faces no such restriction on Twitter. The de facto favoritism could make Twitter liable for an in-kind campaign contribution to Coon’s campaign, potentially opening the door for criminal election finance charges against the company or its CEO Jack Dorsey.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Witzke pointed to her suspension as a glaring example of Big Tech censorship and authoritarianism.

“This is yet another example of Twitter, which is partially owned by a Saudi Arabian prince, interfering in American elections,” said Witzke.

If Democrats in Congress really cared about election meddling like they’ve claimed for the past four years, they’d work with Republicans and President Trump to end Big Tech censorship, which we all know is weaponized against conservatives.

Social media censorship is the Civil Rights issue of our time, and when I’m in the U.S. Senate, I will hold these Silicon Valley monopolies accountable. They will respect the First Amendment and stop restricting free speech, or they will face consequences unlike anything America has seen since Teddy Roosevelt was president.

Witzke is one of the only Republicans running for federal office on a full-fledged America First platform, highlighting support for an immigration moratorium as a notable campaign issue.

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