ELECTION INTERFERENCE: YouTube Restricts Eric Zemmour’s Campaign Announcement in Attack on French Democracy

YouTube has introduced censorship mechanisms on the campaign announcement of French journalist Eric Zemmour, banning users who haven’t registered on the platform and who haven’t confirmed their age from watching the video.

Zemmour has heavily emphasized restoring French identity, sovereignty and nationality in response to authoritarian liberal notions of multiculturalism and political correctness, staking his campaign on issues and tones the western right embraced in the mid-2010’s before becoming distracted by various internet conspiracy theories in the final years of the decade.

Meanwhile, the YouTube channel of French president Emmanuel Macron isn’t subject to any restrictions. This represents profound and impactful political bias on the part of the American-global megacorporation Google, which is acting to effect foreign interference in France’s 2022 election.

This potentially represents one of the gravest forms of antidemocratic election interference in recent political history. Big Tech platforms banned Donald Trump after the 2020 election had been decided. They’re weighing the scale against Zemmour at the very first moment of his campaign, with further censorship all but guaranteed in the coming French election.

Zemmour’s video is still available on YouTube, although you have to sign up and prove your age to confirm it in what potentially represents a violation of civil liberties and potential political surveillance. An English translation is available with the closed caption feature.

In his announcement, Zemmour spoke of a rising recognition among French people that the country they had known was transforming before their very eyes, its culture and quality of life negatively impacted by Islamization, American-style ‘woke’ liberalism, and hostility towards traditional French and Catholic culture perpetuated by a globalist political elite.

Some have pointed to Tucker Carlson as a more apt comparison to Zemmour than someone like Donald Trump, with the journalist revealing in his announcement that only under France’s dramatic circumstances he finds himself compelled to enter the political arena as a participant rather than a spectator.

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