Ellen Degeneres: Parents Do Not ‘Love Their Children Unconditionally’ Unless They Support Their Gender Transition

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres recently made the stunning statement that parents do not “love their children unconditionally” unless they support them transitioning away from their birth gender.

She made the comment while having former NBA star Dwayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union on her show to talk about their son Zion, who is a child transitioning to being a girl. His parents now refer to him as “Zaya,” and Wade has become an ambassador of sorts for this kind of child abuse.

Degeneres made the despicable comment while talking with Union about how great her parenting is for harboring their son’s gender-bending delusions:

ELLEN DEGENERES: He was on the show recently and talking about your daughter, Zaya, and her transition. And it’s like, I know this is silly to say because, you know, who doesn’t love their children unconditionally, but I guess a lot of people don’t. But it’s so amazing how supportive you’ve both been.

GABRIELLE UNION: Yeah, I mean, to us, it’s a little odd to get any kind of recognition for doing what, you know, you are supposed to do, which is love and accept and embrace your kids. So it’s odd to get recognition for that. But unfortunately there are so many people who just don’t. They just don’t. And so many people who really truly feel like their kids are disposable. If they’re not perfect images of them, they aren’t interested. And it’s heartbreaking. So for us, we are just doing what’s natural to us and loving her. There she is! There is our girl. Yeah, we just want happy, healthy, you know, compassionate kids.

ELLEN: Zaya is very, very lucky to have both of you as parents and it is unfortunate that a lot of people have children thinking they can mold them and make them who they want them to be and have a certain idea of what they are supposed to turn out like. But they all turn out different.

Wade has been making the media rounds for months talking about how great it is that he has lost his son to the LGBT cult.

“I’ve watched my son from day one become into who she now eventually has come into. And for me it’s all about…nothing changes with my love, nothing changes with my responsibilities. Only thing I have to do now is get smarter and educate myself more, and that’s my job,” Wade said during an appearance on Showtime’s “All the Smoke” podcast late last year.

He continued with his rationalization for his son’s mental illness by saying “…you want to talk about strength and courage? My 12-year-old has way more than I have. You can learn something from your kids.”

“In our household, that’s all we talk about; we talk about making sure our kids are seen by each of us. Me and my wife [Gabrielle Union], we talk about making sure our kids understand the power in their voice. We want them to be whoever they feel they can be in this world. That’s our goal: Understand you can be whoever, you can be whatever,” he added.

Not everyone has fawned over Wade for his ghoulish parenting. Rap legend Boosie BadAzz called Wade out for allowing his son to adopt a lifestyle that will ultimately lead to him being a mangled mess.

“That is a male, a 12-year-old, at 12 they don’t even know… they don’t even know what they next meal gonna be!” Boosie said in an Instagram video back in February.

He added: “He might meet a woman, anything, at 16, and fall in love with her, but his d*ck be gone, how he gonna.. like, bruh, you going too far, dog. Don’t cut his d*ck off, bruh. Like, bruh. For real. If he gonna be gay, let him be gay, but don’t cut his d*ck off, bruh.”

“Don’t cut his f**kin d*ck off, Dwayne Wade, bruh. You f**kin trippin, dog. You trippin, dog,” Boosie said to capstone his traditionalist appeal to Wade.

Although Degeneres cheers on this perverse and bizarre agenda, there is a growing backlash growing against it as LGBT activists openly target the souls of the innocent.

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