Elon Musk Claims Twitter has been Subjected to Multiple “Psy Ops” 

On November 28, 2022, Elon Musk claimed that Twitter has faced a “ridiculous” number of professional psychological operations (or, “psy ops”). Psy ops generally refer to the proliferation of propaganda or when state actors such as the military use psychological warfare to manipulate hostile actors. 

“The amount of pro psy ops on Twitter is ridiculous!” Musk tweeted.

Musk then joked, “at least with new Verified, they will pay $8 for the privilege—haha.”

Musk subsequently modified his statement, conceding that the psy ops are “mostly basic.”

As Tom Ozimek of The Epoch Times noted, Musk has positioned himself as a “free-speech absolutist.” After recently taking over Twitter, Musk has promised to open up political discourse on the platform, although within limits. Hence his desire to prevent Twitter from becoming a “free-for-all hellscape.”

Musk has made waves by restoring former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account in addition to other prominent accounts such as the Babylon Bee. 

These psy-ops may just be the first of several forms of subversion directed against Musk-owned Twitter. There are many business and government actors who would like to capsize Twitter now that it’s committed to loosening up certain free speech restrictions. The Deep State prefers that these companies act as de facto appendages of its pro-censorship agenda, not as individual bulwarks against free speech restrictions. 

One of the more interesting developments to watch will be how many of these nefarious actors will try to undermine Twitter from within and without. Should Musk be forced out of Twitter, free speech on prominent social media platforms will be effectively dead. 

Flawed as he may be, Musk represents the best option for securing a modicum of free discourse online in these troubling times on the worldwide web. 

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