Elon Musk Plans On Bringing Back America First Patriot Nick Fuentes On Twitter

Multi-billionaire and owner of X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Elon Musk informed his roughly 181.8 million followers that he will reinstate the X account of America First patriot Nick Fuentes. 

Known for his right-wing nationalist views of immigration restriction, foreign policy restraint, and traditional sexual norms, Fuentes has been one of the most controversial right-wing figures of the last decade. He is the founder of the America First Political Action Conference , which kicked off in 2020 and has served as a hub for right-wing populist figures. 

Fuentes’ X account was suspended during Twitter’s purge of so-called “hate speech” and “disinformation” in January 2023. Now, Musk appears to have had a change of heart. 

“I cannot claim to be a defender of free speech, but then permanently ban someone who hasn’t violated the law…This will probably cause us to lose a lot of advertisers and makes me sad, but a principle is a principle,” declared Musk.

This move is a no-brainer. Fuentes is one of the most prominent voices on the America Right whose opinion deserved to be heard. On top of that, Twitter under Musk’s watch markets itself as a free speech platform. Maintaining the suspension of Fuentes does not align with its ethos in any shape or form. 

There will undoubtedly be pressure placed on Musk to reverse course by the likes of hate groups such as the Anti-Defamation League. He must stand his ground and not give in to these tyrannical demands.

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