Ending Cash Bail is Turning New York Into a Criminal Cesspool and a Biden Presidency Will Only Magnify this Problem

New York City has been in the news lately due to its uptick in crime over the past year.

According to a report from the New York Police Department, shooting incidents have increased by 87 percent, while murders have risen by 35 percent

Such developments are not happening by coincidence. They’re the result of public policies that have promoted soft-on-crime approaches to criminal justice.  Namely, the ending of cash bail. States like New York have led the way by abolishing cash bail for most misdemeanors and various non-violent “crimes”earlier this year. From the jump, the results have been quite a mess as seasoned criminals are free to get back on the streets and continue to wreak havoc on the general public.

Despite the growing unpopularity of these reforms, Democrat politicians insist on being soft on crime and making pro-criminal policies a national standard. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden embodies this ethos.

Conservative journalist Ryan Girdusky  tweeted, “The reason New York is seeing a huge rise in crime is because they chose to end cash bail. On Joe Biden’s website, he plans on making that a national policy. You can’t be tough-on-crime when you want a revolving door of criminality.”


Such perversions of criminal justice reform are turning cities like New York into inhospitable cesspools. Coupled with draconian gun control laws that prevent people from adequately defending themselves, many of America’s landmark cities are set to descend into Latin American status — areas marked by massive wealth disparities and a total breakdown of public order.

The Right needs to stick to its guns and promote a coherent law and order program that protects the innocent while severely punishing those violate life and property.

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