ENEMY: USA Today Exposes Criminal Record of Man Who Won $1.2 Million Betting on Tiger Woods

USA Today published a story Monday exposing the criminal record a private citizen who won $1.2 million after betting on Tiger Woods to win The Masters.

“BREAKING: Man who won $1.2 million betting on Tiger Woods has lengthy criminal record, including domestic violence convictions,”  A.J. Perez said proudly on Twitter, linking to his own story.

BLP won’t link to the story, because we don’t support the harassment of private citizens like USA Today or Will Sommer at The Daily Beast, but the paper proudly published the entire criminal record of a man who, other than winning a large bet, has no public persona.

When I reached out to Perez, he was unrepentant.

He had no comment about why the story was one of national significance – likely because it’s not – but he did make it clear that he was not embarrassed to have written it.

“I’m not embarrassed for doing my job as reporter that proved a narrative untrue,” he said.

He directed me to USA Today’s public relations team for further comment. They did not respond to a comment request in time for publication.

Perez’s report is part of a disturbing trend of American news outlets unnecessarily publishing extemporaneous information about private citizens.

In February, The Daily Beast doxed a pastry chef at President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, simply because she followed the Q Anon phenomenon.

We reported:

In one of the biggest scoops of their miserable careers, The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer and Zach Everson teamed up to publish a Friday story about a pastry chef who follows the QAnon internet phenomenon, and sometimes makes pastries with the “Q” symbol on them.

“Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort appears to employ a pastry chef who frequently posts online about her belief in the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory,” Sommer said.

He proceeded to provide the chef’s full name, and link to her Instagram account – because surely no crazed leftist would ever use that information to harass the poor woman. It’s not like other left wing outlets ever doxed a Trump-supporting grandma who subsequently received death threats, or threatened a Reddit user with doxing after he made a gif image they didn’t like.

“On Christmas, for example, [the chef] posted an Instagram picture of a gingerbread house in what appears to be a Mar-a-Lago ballroom. The side of the gingerbread house is emblazoned with a ‘Q’ made of blue frosting and dusted with glitter,” the report said.

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