ERASED: Right Wing Watch’s Pre-Covington Story Attacking Religious Right for Supporting Catholic Amy Coney Barrett DISAPPEARS

The left-wing narrative machine “Right Wing Watch” has disappeared an article from ten days ago slamming the “Religious Right” for wanting Amy Coney Barrett to be “anointed” as Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement on the Supreme Court.

The scandal surrounding the supposed racism of the Covington Catholic students at the March for Life has trained the mainstream media’s hateful eye on Catholics around the country. (READ: Native Man Who Harassed Catholic Teens Protested At Trump Hotel in DC, Among Other Leftist Activism).

The Right Wing Watch link now shows the following on its article “Religious Right Circles Like Vultures Over Supreme Court; Hopes to Replace Ginsburg With ‘Anointed’ Amy Coney Barrett”:

Fortunately, Big League Politics managed to retrieve the first few graphs, presented below:

“With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missing oral arguments this week as she recovers from surgery to remove cancerous tumors from her lungs, Religious Right activists are circling the Supreme Court like vultures, gleeful at what they see as an imminent opportunity to seal a solid far-right majority on the Supreme Court and fulfill their goals to overturn Roe v. Wade, eliminate legal equality for LGBTQ people, undermine separation of church and state and roll back decades of court rulings and federal programs protecting worker safety, public health, and the environment. Trump boosters have been praying since his election that God would “remove” Supreme Court justices, who enjoy lifetime appointments, so that Trump would be able to fill the vacancies.

Earlier this week, Jerry Falwell Jr. re-tweeted right-wing activist Charlie Kirk’s tweet mentioning Ginsburg and Justice Stephen Breyer and calling it “Bad news for Democrats” that the “two oldest judges on the bench are radical liberals.” Gary Bauer noted Ginsburg’s absence at oral arguments and linked to a Daily Caller story about the White House making “quiet preparations” to fill a vacancy, which Bauer said “would be an incredible opportunity for a first-term president.”

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