Eric Adams Vows Door-To-Door Checks On NY Gun Permit Holders

New York City is anti-gun for law-abiding Americans, and they aren’t even being quiet about it. 

In a new stunning statement, NYC Mayor Eric Adams proclaimed “having a gun is not a way to keep a city safe” – WATCH:

Adams’ comment, according to The Recount, was made while discussing his city’s new plan to make “Times Square a gun-free zone in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down bans on concealed carry.”

This plan heavily ignores the fact that criminals have access to guns, and that law-abiding citizens have the God-given, Constitutionally enshrined right to own a firearm. 

Adams does not agree with that, despite the recent SCOTUS ruling. Which is why he is vowing to knock on the doors of gun permit holders to validate their authenticity.

Per The New York Post:

“And I think those are the same skills that’s going to be used to look at not only social media but also knocking our neighbors’ doors, speaking to people, finding out who this individual is that we are about to allow to carry a firearm in our city,” said Adams, a former police captain.

Background checks will now require applicants to sit down for an in-person interview, submit four character references, a list of former and current social media accounts spanning the prior three years and disclose the names of their spouse or any other adults living in their home.

Permit renewals will also now be required every three years, instead of five years under the former law.

Adding more evidence to NYC’s anti-gun approach for law-abiding Americans, unelected New York governor Kathy Hochul recently justified taking firearms away. 

Saying: “a good guy with a gun will stop the bad guys with a gun.”

Of course, there have been countless examples going against this claim, like Eli Dicken who stopped a mall shooter in 15 seconds.

Dickens, notably, had a gun under Indiana’s newly installed constitutional carry law

NYC’s leadership couldn’t care less about stories like these. They go against their anti-America narrative.

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