Erotic Novelist To Second Amendment Supporters: ‘I Just Don’t Care If You Live Or Die’

A self-described “fat and mentally ill” erotic novelist showed just how repugnant the political left can be in an April 3 tweet storm that has continued for nearly three full days.

Warning: The following content is NSFW.

“If you are a MAGA or a 2A enthusiast, I legitimately do not care about your life/well-being or the lives/well-being of your family,” said Jenny Trout. “I don’t care if you can’t defend yourselves against intruders or whatever. I just don’t care if you live or die.”

“There is literally NOTHING you can say to me that’s going to make me respect you or care about the myriad things you want to use your shooty-shoots for,” she said. “I don’t care. I just. Don’t.”

But Trout also revealed the shallowness of the leftist worldview in her series of tweets:

“Basically, it’s all boiling down to, ‘How dare you not care about me and my family when I oppose literally every human right you have and also I want your kids to be shot at school,'” she said. “I remain unmoved by your pleas for tolerance and compassion.”

In Trout’s mind, and in the minds of her leftist mob supporters, conservatives oppose “every human right” that anyone has. Since conservatives oppose human rights, they are a righteous enemy, unworthy of compromise. If leftists truly believe that this is the case – and they do – then we can begin to see why it is useless to try to reason with them.

Obviously, it goes without saying that conservatives do not want children to be “shot at school.”

When confronted about her outrageous tweet by thousands of Second Amendment supporters (read: Americans), Trout responded in true leftist fashion: She blocked everyone who disagreed with her.

“All right. I’ve got shit to do and I’ve blocked as many people as I can,” she said. “Hopefully, I didn’t block any of you cool people by accident.”

She even blocked some people who share her political views, but were critical of her deliverance of the message:

“Okay, just a heads up: I’m also autoblocking liberals/progressives/resistance what the fuck ever who are saying, ‘This is damaging to our cause!,'” Trout said. “I’m not required to work for your cause. You are not paying me.”

Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending:

Trout’s husband must be one incredibly lucky fella!

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