ESPN Host Stephen A. Smith Says the United States Needs a New President in 2024

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith believes the United States needs a new president in 2024. He cited President Joe Biden’s age. However, he expects to potentially support Biden against the possible Republican challengers. 

During an episode of his podcast on June 2, 2023, Smith said that he supports someone other than Biden to be elected as president in 2024. He called attention to  how Biden, who is already the oldest president in US history, would be 82 at the start of his potential second term in office.

“Somebody’s gotta say it, so I’m gonna say it: We need a new president in 2024. We need a new president,” he stated. 

Smith defended Biden over his notorious falling incident when he stumbled at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony, declaring “that could happen to anybody” and it is “not a big deal.” He contended that Biden falling is not proof that “he’s just not all there.” 

But Smith called attention to how Biden is already 80, and people have raised questions about his ability to carry out the duties of the US presidency. He said he is not pushing for Biden’s removal from office through the 25th Amendment. Under this amendment, a majority of the Cabinet would have to declare the president incapable of performing his responsibilities. Smith stressed that he voted for Biden in 2020. 

“I voted for him, and based on some of the leading candidates on the right side, I’d probably be forced to vote for him again ’cause they scare the living hell outta me with some of the things that they’re preaching about. But I wouldn’t like it,” Smith stated. 

Smith emphasized that he does not want to participate in any ageism, but some jobs are better performed by individuals younger than the president.  He believes that Republicans will look to use any cases of Biden fumbling over his words or falling, such as the incident at the graduation ceremony, to attack him as being unsuitable for office. 

Biden recognized that questions regarding his age to carry out the role of the presidency are “totally legitimate” but has promised to demonstrate his ability to continue carrying out his job. 

On a prior occasion, Smith criticized former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the two front-runners for the Republican nomination. 

Smith is no political expert, but he’s reasonable to manifest concerns about Biden’s age. The president’s age is emblematic of an unaccountable gerontocracy that is out of touch with the rest of the population.

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