Establishment Panic? New Hampshire Primary Called for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has been projected as the winner of the New Hampshire primary, narrowly defeating Pete Buttigieg to win his first contest in the Democratic primary for President of the United States.

Decision Desk HQ was one of the first elections and polling organizations to call the moderately close election for Sanders. CBS News also called the state for Sanders shortly after 11PM Eastern time.

Sanders had been the favorite in the New Hampshire primary, being a U.S Senator in the neighboring New England state of Vermont.

Indiana corporate Democrat Pete Buttigieg also put on a strong showing, coming in a close second and even appearing to challenge Sanders for first place. As of late Tuesday night Sanders leads Buttigieg by approximately 26% to 24%.

Sanders’ first victory of the year is almost assured to send the establishment wing of the Democratic primary into a panic, as the billionaires that have controlled the party for decades face the prospect of having their wealth confiscated.

Joe Biden appears to be the clear cut ‘loser’ of the primary, being humbled by a showing in which he appears only to have taken a single-digit percentage of the vote. Biden will face serious questions about the viability of his campaign after two straight poor performances in the first two contests, and the Democratic Party’s former frontrunner may be forced to drop out if he fails to secure a strong showing in the South Carolina primary.

Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet also ended their campaigns after failing to catch on in the primary.

Amy Klobuchar was the primary’s dark horse, scoring almost 20% of the vote and over-performing her state polling.

President Donald Trump also won handily against his sole challenger in the Republican Primary, Bill Weld, taking almost 86% of the vote and showing overwhelming support for the ‘MAGA’ agenda within the Republican Party.

The battle for the Democratic nomination appears set to escalate, with a potential two-man race shaping up between Sanders and Buttigieg.

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