Establishment Reporter Attempts to Claim Credit for Cernovich’s Priebus Scoop

Author and journalist Mike Cernovich has once again scooped the establishment media, and once again a mainstream hack is attempting to take credit for news that he broke.

Just over an hour before President Donald Trump tweeted his announcement that General John Kelly would be replacing Reince Priebus as the White House Chief of Staff, Cernovich announced an impending shakeup on his Twitter feed.

Cernovich wrote that a source close to the president had told him that Priebus had been told that he is officially out at 3:29pm. So, when the Trump sent out his tweet at 4:49pm, the stunned eyes of the mainstream media were immediately focused on the Gorilla Mindset author.

Hilariously, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times attempted to take credit for “having the scoop,” despite the fact that she had actually tweeted that Priebus being replaced was simply “being floated,” meaning that it was hardly a sure thing.

“Maggie Haberman is trying to take credit for my scoops. Why can’t she give credit where it’s due? Stealing credit is fake news,” Cernovich told Big League Politics.

Cernovich, being a beloved figure in the pro-Trump media world, quickly had an army of support that began calling Haberman out on her false claim.

Meanwhile, desperate establishment types attempted to downplay the fact that Cernovich — a man they have consistently labeled as a troll, or “fake news” — has been repeatedly providing massive, well sourced, reporting to the public.

As Buzzfeed reported in May:

“Since April, Cernovich has broken a number of significant national security stories, many of which have been subsequently confirmed — at least in part — by mainstream outlets. In early April, he correctly reported that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice had requested to unmask the identities of Trump associates. Days later, Cernovich tweeted, “Breaking news! Possible air strikes by the U.S. in Syria tonight” just 30 minutes before President Trump authorized the evening’s attack. He followed that up with another story that the national security adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, had drawn up a potential plan to bring ground troops into Syria. A number of details in the story were confirmed days later by Bloomberg.”

Following Cernovich’s scoop on the Rice unmasking story, Bloomberg reporter Eli Lake attempted to claim credit for breaking the news.

“The difference here is that at least Eli had been working on the story. Haberman specifically said Kelly wasn’t going to get the position. Two hours after saying Kelly wasn’t anything more than a trial balloon, she claimed credit for the scoop,” Cernovich told Big League. “Shameless!”

The New York Times enjoys slinging mud at those who don’t subscribe to their liberal viewpoints, and branding alternative media as “fake news,” yet they seem to be late on many of the biggest stories of this administration. If Anthony Scaramucci is correct, now that Priebus is gone, they may be even later.

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