Establishment Republican Senator Remains Silent on Senate Primary in Kansas, Kris Kobach is the Only Choice for Immigration Patriots

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran is on the fence about endorsing candidates for Kansas’ open Senate seat.

With Pat Roberts retiring, Kansas’ Senate seat is now wide open.

Immigration patriot candidate Kris Kobach quickly jumped into the fray and is looking to make immigration the #1 issue heading into the 2020 elections.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has already ruled out running for office in his home state.

Congressman Roger Marshall has now thrown his hat into the ring, appearing to be the establishment candidate of choice in this election.

President Trump has yet to make any endorsement in the Kansas primary.

Given Kobach’s track record on fighting mass migration as Kansas Secretary of State, it would seem that Trump would endorse him.

After all, the strongest feature of Trump’s presidency has been his focus on immigration.

Moran announced that he won’t endorse any of the candidates running in the Republican primary.

“My general practice has been, with only … unintentional circumstances, have I gotten involved with other people’s races,” Moran told reporters last week. “I don’t have any plan to change that practice.”

Pompeo originally raised speculation about running for office after meeting with key Republicans donors such as Wichita resident Charles Koch and casino titan Sheldon Adelson. Not too long ago, Trump stated he would back Pompeo for Senate if it could keep the Kansas seat in Republican hands.

Moran was asked about the implications of this race.

Moran said, “Republican Kansans can make a decision about who their nominee is, Democrat Kansans can make a decision about who their nominee is. And then all Kansans can make a decision who would represent their interests, who they trust to do the job.”

Moran added, “And that’s a reason why I generally stay out of other people’s politics and stay out of the endorsements world, is Kansans understand. The candidates who are there now are pretty well known and they will get even better known between now and the election, and who better to make the decision about who should be the next United States senator than the voters of Kansas?”

These are not very re-assuring words for immigration patriots.

With Marshall in the mix, Moran may actually make a decision in the primaries.

Marshall is a solid Republican, but Kobach has a hawkish immigration streak that may make him unpalatable to political elites.  For immigration patriots, Kobach is the only choice in this election cycle.

All things considered, Kobach will be facing an uphill struggle against an unlikely coalition of Democrats and Republicans trying to block him throughout the 2020 election cycle.

America First believers must follow this race closely and help out in whichever way they can.

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