European Central Bank Chief Calls Trump a “Threat” to Europe

During an interview with France, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde declared that Donald Trump’s potential re-election as United States President is “clearly a threat” to Europe. 

She is basing this assertion upon her analysis of the policies Trump pursued in his first term in office. 

These comments Lagarde made broke a long-standing tradition for central bank chiefs to stay out of politics. Nevertheless, her comments reflect a growing anxiety among the EU’s leadership.

The ECB president declared that a return of Trump to the Oval Office next would likely put the US at loggerheads  with the EU in several areas, such as trade protectionism, military aid for NATO, and radical environmentalism.

“If we learn lessons from history, from looking at the way he led the first four years of his mandate, it is clearly a threat,” Lagarde stated.

“It is enough to look at trade tariffs, the commitment to Nato, the fight against climate change,” she noted, continuing: “In these three areas alone, in the past, US interests were not aligned with those of Europe.”

When asked if Trump’s presidency could leave Europe isolated when it comes to supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion, Lagarde remarked that this is not likely “because in the US Congress there are a number of elected members who are deeply hostile to Russia’s horrific war against Ukraine and who will continue to finance and support Ukraine.”

The EU is on globalist time. The majority of these politicians have a post-national ethos where they champion the demographic destruction of their population and impose cultural degeneracy on their citizens. Moreover, they support quixotic military ventures like the one in Ukraine to follow in the footsteps of the Anglo-American axis’s desire to impose a universal liberal democratic agenda. 

For that reason, they hate Trump — who is the avatar of an America First agenda of immigration restriction, foreign policy realism and restraint, and economic restraint. Expect more kvetching and moaning from globalist politicians in the US and Europe once it becomes clear that Trump will come back into power in 2024.

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