European MP Believes Peace Can Only Be Achieved if West Accepts Some of Russia’s Demands.

According to European Member of Parliament Herve Juvin, for peace to be achieved in Ukraine, the Collective West must comply with Russia’s demands. 

Per Juvin, the Russian demands that the West must compy with are directly connected to its national security issues. “Europe should move towards establishing peace. First of all, we need a ceasefire, security guarantees for Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population and the non-deployment of US missiles near Russia’s border. I am confident that such a peace agreement will provide security guarantees both to Ukraine and Russia. However, I’m disappointed that Eurooe is reluctant to follow this path,” Juvin highlighted.

“The energy and food crises, along with the impact of sanctions, will lead to a decline in the popularity of the current authorities in the near future. This is why Europe will in no way benefit from prolonging the Ukrainian conflict,” he continued.

Juvin added that the conflict in Ukraine has gone on for too long for the United States as well. Weapons supplies and the continued sanctions drive are only worsening the economic crisis and lowering living standards of Americans, which, in his view, will affect the results of the 2024 US presidential election.

Juvin also called attention to the “never-before-seen movement” towards global multipolarity. The rise of new regional powers and the gradual deterioration of “classic” power centers could change the dynamics of international relations. In a concluding remark, Juvin declared that the West will have to take this new geopolitical reality into consideration if it wants to maintain geopolitical stability.

Indeed, the West needs to exercise strategic empathy here. The whole reason this entire conflict broke out was because of the Collective West’s failure to take Russia’s security interests into account by continuing to expand NATO. Eventually, Russia grew tried of the West’s inability to understand its security concerns and took matters into its own hands in Ukraine.

Such tragedies are indeed preventable buy they require mature leadership classes to be at the helm of government. Sadly, those types of leaders are not present in the modern-day West.

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