European Union Demands Sanctions Against Leader of Russian Orthodox Church

The European Union (EU) has announced a sanctions proposal against Patriarch Kirill, who serves as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Kirill will face a travel ban as well as a freeze of his assets as if he joins the list of over 1,000 Russians who are being sanctioned by the EU. The proposed sanction regime against Kirill still needs to be approved by the EU’s roster of 27 nation-state members to go into effect.

Kirill is described by the EU as “one of the most prominent supporters of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.” He said during a sermon earlier this year that he supports Russia’s “special peacekeeping operation” in Ukraine, expressing the need for Ukraine to be “liberated” while believing that the Russian war effort is part of a “religious cleansing operation.”

Big League Politics has reported on how Russia is being punished by a comprehensive sanction regime unlike anything the world has ever known:

President-imposed Joe Biden struggled to say “kleptocracy” before having a big laugh about his inability to conjugate simple words at a press conference on Thursday.

Biden announced that Russian assets would be seized but tripped over his words while attempting to say the word “kleptocracy.” He then laughed creepily afterwards after having his senior moment.

“We’re going to seize their yachts, they’re luxury homes and other ill-begotten gains of Putin’s kleptocr-cr-ic-cr-uh-yeah, kleptocracy and klep, and the guys who are in the kleptocracy,” Mushbrain Joe said before breaking out into a bizarre fit of laughter.

The clip can be seen here:

The Biden administration is pushing a Congressional package that will “establish new authorities for the forfeiture of property linked to Russian kleptocracy, allow the government to use the proceeds to support Ukraine and further strengthen related law enforcement tools,” the White House announced. They are also hoping to send tens of billions more to Ukraine in order to prolong their conflict with Russia even longer.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Biden regime is continuously giving weapons to Ukraine to prop up their globalist puppet regime and conduct a proxy war with Russia that could lead to World War 3.

The globalists are conducting a war on Christianity and destroying the idea of freedom of religion. It will begin with head of the Russian Orthodox Church and worsen considerably from there. These monsters are at war with Christendom on the road to a satanic New World Order.

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