European Union Members Have Sent 220,000 Artillery Shells, 1,300 Missiles in 2023

According to European Union High Representative Josep Borrell Europe, EU member states have sent 220,000 artillery shells and 1,300 missiles valued at 800 million euros to Ukraine.

Borrell made those remarks on May 23, 2023 during a press conference following the EU Foreign Affairs (Defense) Council meeting.

“The member states have provided 220,000 artillery munitions of different calibers and 1,300 missiles,” he stated.

Per Borrell, the EU aims to ship an additional 1 million rounds to Ukraine in the next 12 months.

“We hope that we will achieve our objective of 1 million projectiles for Ukraine over the next 12 months,” he highlighted. Borrell added that the authorities in Brussels will call on member states to send ammunition from their stockpiles as opposed to waiting for their production.

In addition, Borrell stated that 24 EU member states hopped on the bandwagon for an EU initiative on expanding the production of 155-mm artillery shells. Furthermore, Borrell stated that 1 billion euro has been allocated for this initiative. Per Borrell, the European Defense Agency has led on this matter.

The EU has completely squandered an opportunity to serve as an independent power bloc to the Anglo-American establishment. Sadly it has prostrated itself to this diabolical universalist force and now functions as a mere appendage of an American-led NATO.

If European leaders had a modicum of self-respect, they would give the Anglo-American geopolitical establishment the proverbial middle finger and chart its own foreign policy path. 

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