European Union Official Believes European-Style Hate speech Laws Will Come to the United States

An official of the European Union believes that European-style hate speech laws could be making their way stateside to the United States. 

During a Davos “disinformation” panel that was held on January 17, 2022, Věra Jourová, the vice president for “values and transparency” at the EU’s European Commission, said to another panelist at the World Economic Forum that such policies were inevitably going to reach the US.

“What qualifies as hate speech, as illegal hate speech, which you will have soon also in the U.S.,” she stated, making these remarks to Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton, who was also on the panel. “I think that we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law, we need the platforms to simply work with the language and to identify such cases.”

Ex-CNN host Brian Stelter moderated the panel, titled “The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation,” Moulton and New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger were several of the other participants.

In addition, Jourová stated she would never call for the removal of hateful content online to fight disinformation. She stressed the importance of establishing rules that couldn’t be abused, calling attention to how the bulk of requests for taking down online content come from politicians.

Sulzberger described “disinformation” as an “existential” threat to Western societies during the panel. For his part, Moulton said that Europe was “way ahead of us” on data regulation, although he qualified his take stating that he believes “very strongly in free speech.”

“There is a healthy concern in the United States that you might be going a little too far,” he stated.

The US has strong free speech traditions so it will be difficult to pass European-style hate speech laws. However, the private sector is more than willing to take up this agenda that the political class is unable to achieve. This will require nationalists to pass policies clamping down on Big Tech companies that have a track record of censoring political content. Make no mistake about it, losing the free speech fight will guarantee that the Left dominates political discourse and pass its wacky policies such as mass amnesty, hate speech laws, and state-sponsored social deviance.

A free Internet is the last line of defense against the multicultural tyrannical project that the Left is trying to impose on the US. 


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