European Union Sues Hungary for Its Decision to Defend Traditional Values

The European Commission has recently filed a lawsuit against Hungary over a law that bans the propagation of pro-LGBT material schools and public squares. 

Hungary’s “Child Protection” law has been at the center of public policy debate ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orbán introduced the legislation last summer. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen described Hungary’s legislation as a “disgrace”. Said legislation prohibits content which “promotes gender reassignment, homosexuality, or portrays sexuality for its own sake” in education or in media that children can have access to. 

The Hungarian government has maintained a steadfast position that the EU has no right to dictate its domestic policies. 

Orbán has stressed that the EU despises Hungary’s cultural conservatism. William Nattrass of UnHerd observed that the EU has withheld Wuhan virus pandemic funds in this current “rule of law” battle.  

Broadly speaking, the Hungarian government has maintained strong traditional values in terms of its policymaking. Namely, it defends traditional sexual norms with the nuclear, heterosexual family at the center of its public policy. 

The EU is in favor of political correctness, multiculturalism, and sexual deviancy. It is universalist in this approach in how it wants all EU member states to adopt these policies in some shape or form. That’s why it has been annoyed by Hungary’s steadfast devotion to national sovereignty and maintaining the integrity of its culture. 

The EC asserted that the Hungarian law infringes on the “fundamental rights of individuals (in particular LGBTIQ people) as well as – with regard to those fundamental rights – EU values.”  

At its core, the EU views the Child Protection law as a violation of human rights, while Hungary views it as a pragmatic restriction on the expression of degenerate behavior. 

Hungary does not view the promotion of LGBT causes and the broader “LGBT ideology” as a fundamental right. The Hungarian government believes that the dissemination of pro-LGBT content is harmful to children who otherwise benefit from the traditional family structure. 

The Hungarian government acts as an oasis of reason in a desert of globalism on the Old Continent. Right-wing populists should study the police successes of the Orbán government and see if those policies can be replicated in their respective jurisdictions. 

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