European Union Tells Nations to Open Their Borders Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The European Union (EU) is telling countries throughout Europe to open up their borders so cheap labor can flood in from neighboring countries, even if enacting these policies may greatly exacerbate the coronavirus pandemic.

The EU said on Monday that countries across Europe should let in hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in order to help plant and harvest crops. They want nations that are under lock down and experiencing severe economic strain to let in low-wage workers while native Europeans are squeezed out of jobs.

Germany is already complying with the EU directive, as they announced on Thursday that they will exempt migrants from strict border controls meant to stop the spread of coronavirus:

Germany will allow foreign workers into the country to help harvest fruit and vegetable crops on farms, the government said on Thursday, relaxing previous travel restrictions imposed to combat the new coronavirus.

Countries across the European Union, including Germany, have set up border controls to stem the spread of the virus, but with the side effect of preventing cross-border workers travelling to their jobs.

German farmers and vegetable processors had warned that such restrictions would prevent thousands of east European seasonal farm helpers from gathering harvests and undertaking planting on Germany’s farms, possibly leading to reduced fruit and vegetable crops and higher prices…

Germany’s agriculture ministry said on Thursday it had reached agreement with Germany’s interior ministry to allow up to 40,000 seasonal farm workers into the country in April and another 40,000 in May.

The workers should travel by air rather than by bus to protect against the threat of coronavirus, the agriculture ministry said.

One of the countries expected to provide some of the low-income migrant labor is Romania, which is being hit hard by the coronavirus as they have an extreme shortage of supplies.

“We don’t have gloves, masks, anything,” said a member of the medical team in southeastern Romania’s Râmnicu Sărat hospital tasked with providing health care to coronavirus patients.

“Everything is done on the cheap,” the unnamed staff member told reporters.

“Nobody instructed us so we’re encouraged to learn from videos,” the Râmnicu Sărat medical staff member said to AFP reporters.

“We were promised equipment, but when will it arrive?” the individual added.

The EU is exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic because of their globalist ideology. Multiculturalism is yet again contributing to the destruction of the West.

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