European Union Threatens to Ban Twitter Unless Elon Musk Censors Free Speech

The European Union (EU) has warned billionaire technocrat Elon Musk that Twitter will be banned across the continent unless he reimplements Draconian free speech regulations.

The EU is threatening to shut Twitter down if Musk defends freedom of speech on the platform. The globalist political body has taken a harsh stance against free speech in recent months and is planning to implement new rules that will crush digital expression for good.

“Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve, and limit targeted advertising,” EU industry chief Thierry Breton said to Musk on Wednesday.

Big League Politics reported on the passage of the Digital Services Act by the EU back in April, which set the stage for this Orwellian crackdown against Musk:

The European Union (EU) has passed the Digital Services Act that will compel tech giants to commit even more Draconian censorship on their social media platforms or face fines and sanctions from bureaucratic overlords.

It should come as no surprise that the EU is using the Russia/Ukraine conflict as a pretense to implement Big Brother restrictions on content, as that has become an excuse for the globalists to commit all sorts of evil.

“In the context of the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the particular impact on the manipulation of online information, a new article has been added to the text introducing a crisis response mechanism,” the EU wrote about enforcement of the Digital Services Act.

“This mechanism will be activated by the Commission on the recommendation of the board of national Digital Services Coordinators. It will make it possible to analyze the impact of the activities of VLOPs and VLOSEs on the crisis in question and decide on proportionate and effective measures to be put in place for the respect of fundamental rights,” they added.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) highlighted many problems with the Digital Services Act in their analysis of the measure prior to its passage.

“If the DSA becomes law, online platforms would be required to hand over sensitive user information to non-judicial authorities at their request,” the EFF wrote.

“Other sections of the bill…still favor the powerful. The text still comes with the option of awarding the status of a “trusted flagger” to law enforcement agencies or profit-seeking industry organizations, whose notices must be given priority over notifications submitted by users,” they continued.

“We also agree with the criticism that centralizing enforcement power in the hands of the EU Commission comes with democratic deficits and could lead to corporate capture. There are further aspects of the committee’s position that require re-working, such as the last-minute approval of mandatory cell phone registration for pornographic content creators, which poses a threat to digital privacy and could risk exposing sensitive information of vulnerable content creators to data leaks,” the EFF added.

This is a massive test for Musk’s resolve. He will need to stand against the most powerful government officials to defend free speech on Twitter. They will use every tool in their arsenal to stop him.

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