Evan McMullin Supports Amnesty for Illegal Alien Invaders

Former CIA operative and failed presidential candidate Evan McMulin said during a debate for Utah’s Senate seat that he backs amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

On October 17, 2022, McMullin said that he would get behind a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens who benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

However, Sean Moran of Breitbart News noted that McMullin took a rather hedged position where he indicated that “we also need to secure our border.” This strategy is often used by Open Borders Inc. in order to calm people’s fears about radical open borders positions and ease them into accepting gradualist forms of amnesty. 

McMullin has a long track record of supporting amnesty that dates back to his 2016 presidential campaign. At that time, he tried to play the role of spoiler in Utah by taking votes away from then-candidate Donald Trump 

The former CIA operative attacked Republicans for not taking on a DACA “fix” or amnesty, in a bill that was up for debate in January 2018. 

At the time, McMullin declared, “There’s no good reason to not include a DACA fix in this bill. Bigotry within elements of the GOP used to ‘just’ mean that party leaders couldn’t advance immigration and criminal justice reform. Emboldened by Trump, it now means that they can’t keep the government running.”

McMullin is currently challenging incumbent Senator Mike Lee, who was first elected in 2010. As a seasoned veteran of the Deep State, it’s unsurprising that McMullin is taking a pro-amnesty position. It’s a key pillar of the Invade the World, Invite the World, ethos that animates our current ruling class. 

Although Mike Lee is no proponent of immigration patriotism, he is clearly better than McMullin, who will only accelerate America’s descent into globalism. 

Utah voters should, and likely will, not give McMullin the time of day at the polls on November 8.



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