Event to Honor Placement of Statue of Conquistador Juan de Oñate is Delayed Following Protests

The statute of Conquistador Juan de Oñate was removed at the start of the month. It has been at the heart of heated public debates concerning monuments in New Mexico. 

The statue was placed in storage and slated to be put back on display. However, the latter move has been delayed due to fierce protests. 

The statue in a Rio Arriba county building in Española has polarized residents of the country for years. restarty

In 2020, the statue was initially taken down in 2020 when Black Lives Matter protests rocked the state. Part of these protests involved attempts to vandalize figures of American history — from the colonial to the modern eras — who were perceived to be racist by leftist iconoclasts. 

The county justified its decision to remove the statue out of concerns regarding vandalism. Since then, authorities have put the statue in storage.

Recently, Rio Arriba County announced plans to publicly place the statue again but this time it would be placed outside a different building.

City officials already placed a pedestal outside the building close to the Sheriff’s Office. Protesters gathered around the pedestal area on September 27, 2023. The protesters believed that the placement of this statue is an insult to indigenous people. 

“If you’re going to put him up, then you might as well put up a statue of Hitler,” one protester proclaimed.

On the evening of September 27, the county government announced that the statue will not got up on September 28 following “unforeseen circumstances and the interest of public safety.”

The authorities did not provide additional details, and announced they delay of the event until further notice.

“Why would I not fight for something that is thousands of years old? For something that has been cared for and the people that come from that place? Why would I not want to stand in solidarity with a movement like that,” another protester said.

This latest monument removal is another sign of the times. The cultural Left is hellbent on destroying American history in whichever way possible. They’re going after colonial figures all the way up to modern-day figures of American history — all because they’re white.

That’s how demented the cultural Left has become. If we want to preserve the US in some shape or form, we must resist the woke iconoclasm coming from the Left.

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