Ex-Israeli Defense Forces Military Intel Chief Believes Benjamin Netanyahu is a National Security Threat

On August 16, 2023,  Amos Malka, a former head of the Israel Defense Forces military intelligence, declared that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is a danger to Israel’s security.”

In an interview with Kan radio, Malka commented that “over the last few months, Netanyahu has understood that all different dimensions of our national security have been eroded.”

“A leader prioritizing Israel’s security, should have explored different approaches instead of sticking to the initial blueprint,” he added. 

Calling attention to several scathing criticisms that Likud Party ministers have launched at IDF officials, Malka noted, “It’s unlikely that any Likud member would launch such aggressive attacks without the assurance that Netanyahu supports them.”

On August 16, a report surfaced about several ministers, with several forming part of the security cabinet, reaching out to Israeli media outlet Haaretz revealing their expectation for the establishment of an inquiry commision. This commision will shed light on the Israeli army’s alleged lack of military readiness against the backdrop of the current right-wing coalition government’s controversial judicial reforms.

On August 15, Likud minister David Amsalem declared that there is a “mutiny” within the Israeli army and urged the government to “deal with the rebels the way you’re supposed to.” President Isaac Herzog and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant were critical of his inflammatory rhetoric.

Gallant addressed elected officials critical of the military and stated: “If you can’t hold it in, attack me, the defense minister, I’m in charge of the army command. Leave the army outside the political discussion, it is the defensive tool giving life to the people of Israel.” Herzog said that he vehemently condemns “the lashing out against the IDF and its commanders” and stressed that this rhetoric “hurt the army’s resilience.”

Israel is going through some troubling times. Due to demographic shifts that have brought religious/ethno-nationalist parties to office and pacting with the mainstream Israeli Right, the country is moving in a controversial political direction. Not only will this political shift alarm many secular Jews in the country, but it will raise eyebrows in the West, which has been on a fanatic crusade against any nation that it perceives to be illiberal. 

Whatever will happen to Israel will be anyone’s guess. The eventual turmoil that will likely befall it should be one of many reasons the US should ultimately break military ties with it and treat the Jewish state like any other normal nation. 

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