EXCLUSIVE: America First Champion Paul Gosar Endorses Noah Malgeri for U.S. Congress in Nevada

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has endorsed Noah Malgeri for U.S. House of Representatives in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Malgeri made the announcement during a recent appearance on Big League Politics Live where he shared the pro-liberty, America First ideology that won him the favor of Gosar.

“I was delighted to be able to receive the endorsement of my campaign from Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, who is a real freedom fighter, a patriot, and a core member of the House Freedom Caucus,” Malgeri said.

“That was, to me, a real cherished endorsement. It’s a real testimony of the fact that folks appreciate that my campaign is liberty focused and will fight on behalf of the American people. Receiving that endorsement from Rep. Gosar just means so much to me,” he added.

Malgeri says he is the only America First candidate on either side running for office in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. 

“We have a couple other folks who are much more moderate, kind of mainstream, legacy, nominal Republicans… They’re status quo, Republican-identifying people, I guess you would say, but I am definitely the most liberty-minded, America First-minded patriot in the race because I am the only one who appreciates the significance, gravity and exigency of the current crisis that we are facing right now,” he said.

Malgeri believes that he will be able to support the cause of liberty while standing for America First once he is in Congress. He intends to use his position to speak candidly about controversial issues that many other Republicans would prefer to shy away from.

“I believe it’s the role of the American government exclusively to set the conditions for the prosperity, security and success of American citizens. That’s what they get paid to do… It’s their only job,” he said.

“I only identify with or spend any time with folks who will publicly acknowledge that, for example, the election of 2020 was stolen, that there was a coup that was undertaken, from within and without, of the United States of America,” Malgeri added, stressing the importance of telling the whoel truth on the campaign trail.

The full BLP Live episode can be accessed here:

For more information on Malgeri’s candidacy for the U.S. House, visit his website at https://noah4nv.com/.

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