EXCLUSIVE: Antifa Terrorists Attack Oregon GOP Governor Event, No Police Present

How criminal must America get before there is meaningful change? In a move perhaps surprising to nobody militant attackers identifying with the infamous terrorist group Antifa crashed a campaign event led in Portland, Oregon promoting the election of Republican gubernatorial candidate Mayor Stan Pulliam.

The rally was held in downtown Portland Friday in anticipation of the upcoming Republican primary on May 17th.

Things soon took a turn for the worse. A large group of Antifa-affiliated militants soon showed up at the rally, wreaking havoc for the entirety of the event. Attacks seen on video footage of the event include aggressive spraying of some type of stringy substance at people and vehicles alike, intimidation in the form of yelling threats and incessant whistleblowing, as well as the repeated throwing of grenade or bomb-like devices.

Current reports of video footage and accounts by members of the campaign on the scene that day indicate that police made no efforts to arrive and alleviate the situation, even after being called. A clip posted to Facebook live showed Pulliam explaining his account of events, including that 911 emergency services put him on hold for over 20 minutes as Antifa militants continued to actively attack his campaign in a physically violent manner.

Pulliam held the event at Champan square park, located directly across from the local police station.

Oregon police appeared to never show up in order to address the situation while it remained active. Pulliam supporters were seen fleeing the campaign event presumably out of fears for their own safety towards the end of the video.

Campaign sources indicated to BLP that police took a report regarding the incident only after Pulliam had himself gone to a precinct in order to do so.

Videos posted by candidate Pulliam both during and following the events that day can be found below or by clicking here.

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