EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Apartment Confirms They Have CCTV Footage of NYT Reporter After Alleged Break-In of GOP Staffer’s Home

Big League Politics has obtained exclusive audio of a conversation between Brian Landrum and Bell Stonebridge Apartments that confirm that the apartment complex has New York Times reporter on CCTV video inside Landrum’s apartment building.

“So, I looked through the camera and we actually do have footage of [reporter Stephanie Saul],” the apartment complex told Landrum, a staffer for GOP U.S. Senate Candidate from Virginia, Corey Stewart.


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The New York Times lied in an effort to sweep the break-in under the rug after Big League Politics first reported on it.

“Ms. Saul went to an address for Landrum Associates in Woodbridge looking for Mr. Landrum. She was told by a woman who opened the door that he was not present. She left a note with the woman for Mr. Landrum asking him to call. At no time did she enter the premises,” a New York Times spokeswoman told NBC Washington, regarding the alleged break-in by reporter Stephanie Saul.

Obviously, since it is now confirmed that Saul is on camera inside the premises, the New York Times’ account is a lie.

But we knew it was a lie from the beginning. An eyewitness inside the apartment came face-to-face with Saul when she broke in.

Big League Politics reported:

Eyewitness Amber Fincham is coming forward with her account of the disturbing events that occurred at the Woodbridge, Virginia apartment of Corey Stewart Senate campaign staffer Brian Landrum.

Following her conversations with police, Amber Fincham provided Big League Politics with the following account, describing how Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul entered Landrum’s apartment without permission or notice.

“I was staying at Brian’s apartment in Woodbridge on Wednesday afternoon. I took a shower and was doing my makeup and listening to music. At about 2:15pm I was walking out of the bathroom and heard a noise over the music,” Fincham recalls.

“I turned off the music and turned around and a woman I didn’t know was in the kitchen walking to the door. I said hello? She said hello and said she was looking for Brian and asked if he was home. I said he was at work and she asked me when he was coming home and I told her 8:00. She had a note pad and wrote a note and tore it off and left it with me to give to Brian that had her name and phone number. After she left I called Brian and told him what happened. He said he didn’t know a Stephanie and asked me to send him a picture of the note which I did,” Fincham continued.”

BLP Passage Ends. 

Landrum told Big League Politics last weekend that he has filed a police report.

“I did file a police report on Thursday,” he said. “That’s when sworn statements of myself and my guest were taken. The police report has already been compiled.”

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