Exclusive: California Teacher Wins ‘Teacher of the Year’ After FIVE-YEAR-OLD ‘Transitions’ In Class

Kaelin Swaney, Rocklin Academy Gateway Kindergarten Teacher of the Year

A kindergarten teacher has won a California charter district’s coveted “Teacher of the Year” award after brainwashing students about “gender fluidity” and convincing a five-year-old boy to “transition” into a girl.

“There was mom who reached out to me whose five-year-old girl was in this class last June,” said Carla D’Addesi, founder of Defend My Privacy Coalition.

“The last day of school [the teacher] reads the book “I Am Jazz” to her students,” D’Addesi said.

“I Am Jazz” is a picture book that promotes transgenderism to children, claiming that boys can have “girl brains.” There is zero scientific evidence to support the claims in the book. Here are some excerpts:

The teacher, Kaelin Swaney of the Rocklin Academy Gateway, a charter school in Rocklin, CA won “Teacher of the Year” after reading the book to the students and conducting a “transitioning” ceremony on the last day of school.

“Then, this little boy who thinks he’s a girl went into the bathroom, and comes out with a skirt on, with a headband, and the teacher said ‘this is going to be her name,’ and ‘she’s a girl now,'” D’Addesi said.

Apparently, this is how the “Teacher of the Year” behaves in a kindergarten class in California.

According to D’Addesi, the school administration was threatening parents for speaking out against the charade. Some parents have spoken out on the condition of anonymity anyway.

One parent said that she had to give her five-year-old the entire “sex talk,” as the child had so many questions upon returning from school after the “transition” ceremony.

According to another parent, when her daughter saw her wet slicked-back hair in the tub, she shrieked, “Mommy, I am turning into a boy?”

Many parents said that their children were even frightened to use the bathroom after the incident, and believed that if they did they would turn into the opposite sex.

This is insanity. These are five-year-olds. Many are just beginning to learn to read. At what point does this psychological torture become child abuse?

“The public school superintendents and teachers know exactly what they’re doing,” D’Addesi said. “They drop bombs like this on the last day of school, then everybody is gone and they think it’s going to go away.”


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